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Ajq’ijab’ - Maya Shamans


Eight Mayan shamans (Ajq’ijab’) from Guatemala have brought out the task to conduct a ceremony in four places of the planet previously chosen by them. One of these is the north of Norway and the visit is planned in from September 22th to October 2th, 2011.

The present project is of global importance and entails a great cultural interest for Norway. The main goal is to carry out a Mayan traditional ceremony open to the public. It has no profit motive. This kind of events are usually requested by different countries due to the interest that the Mayan cosmo-vision and traditions arise. In this occasion the initiative comes direct from these Mayan representatives, motivated by their ancestral mission. Along with them comes the richness of their authentic traditions.


The Mayan people of Guatemala, one of the millenary peoples on the world, keeps in its past and present many values and principles related with the Mayan Calendar and its ceremonial practices. The sacred Maya Calendar rules the political, social and spiritual life of its People, which is being strengthened daily since the signing of the Long and Lasting Peace Accords in Guatemala.

The Maya Ceremony, or Q’ij in Maya K’iché language, is the manifestation of the dialog and meeting between human beings and the Mother Nature. It generates harmony between the live beings and the cardinal points. It gives thanks for the life, the material and spiritual goods that we receive from nature, and it conciliates all living things.

The Ceremony is carried out in concordance to the days of the Sacred Mayan Calendar, which has more than 5 000 years of existence. The Calendar is conformed of 13 months of 20 days each. It is known as Sacred because it’s a measure of time that rules exactly the gestation of the human beings and the one that rules the human social relationship. To honor Mother Nature and all its living things, the Ajq’ijab’ use the sacred fire which comes to life with materials of pine and other trees, as well as with wax candles, and candy, among other things. The fire constitutes the path to communicate with the grandfathers, with their ancestors and with Mother Nature, and in it signs present themselves which are later analyzed by the Xamanes.

The Ajq’ij’ is a special person. Not anyone can carry out ceremonies. The name Ajq’ij’, used to name the xamanes, comes from the Maya K’iche language that means “the one that count time, the one that observes the movements of the Sun, the moon and the days, as well as Nature’s manifestations”.


In the year 2010, in one of the ceremonies carried out by the Maya elders, or Ajq’ijab’ o Xamanes, the sacred fire showed an urgent necessity to contribute to mitigate the suffering of Mother Nature, and if this was not done, the natural disasters would increase and with it the pain and suffering of many.

This analysis developed by the Ajq’ijab’, lead to the decision to carry out 4 Maya Ceremonies at the 4 cardinal points of the Universe. Taking into account the vision of the Maya People, one of the points is the North, and the White point which is where snow exists, and for such reason Norway was selected as the country where one of these ceremonies should be carried out during the year 2011. According to the lecture made, if they are successful in meeting the target of paying tribute with the 4 ceremonies planed in this year, Nature could reduce its natural disasters and it will be few the persons who might be affected after all.

There have been several studies, scientific analysis, and concrete events marking the increase of natural disasters in the world, which show that Mother Nature is in a difficult situation because of the disharmonization of its elements caused by an environmental and ecological contamination, and seeks the need of immediate measures to try to save the equilibrium that would prevent the destruction of entire populations, and maybe even the whole humanity.

Drammen Sacred Music Festival

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