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Huld at Spiraltoppen
Ritual concert according to Sami, Norrøn and Hungarian tradition

13:00, Spiraltoppen


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What happens when Sami yoik, meets Norwegian language tones and traditions, blended with the rich texture of Hungarian music traditions? That is what you will find out if you come to experience Huld, right in the middle of nature at the beautiful Spiraltoppen. 

The event at Spiraltoppen is a ritual concert where the artists are deeply rooted in their respective traditions. With inspiration from Sami, Norrøn and Hungarian shamanic tradition, the audience is moved to another place beyond time and space. Huld creates a sacred space where voices and instruments are the brushes and canvases that exist in the minds of the audience. 


Kyrre Gram Franck

Istvan Zsolt Barat

Christoffer S. Eid

Lillian Eide Sørensen

The event is free.