Drammen Sacred Festival is a meeting place for local, national and international artists with a focus on art and music of a spiritual nature. Our vision is to create platforms that encourage different people to meet, be moved, and create meaning
together through shared artistic expressions.

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Festival Opening encouraging an invitation: You are not alone

Do you recognize the feeling of being different? The feeling of not belonging to the community? Receive our encouragement to invite someone to join you for the festival this year.

Fear of joy – fear of life!

We in Drammen Sacred have started campaign named - Shared joy is double joy. This is unfortunately not true for everyone.

For many of us it is to get together associated with fear and anxiety.Meeting other unknown people, in an unfamiliar environment, is creating instinctive resistance in the body.

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Sacred Room

A sacred space open to all throughout the festival week.

Sacred – What is sacred to you?

An exciting challenge for you!
Our intention is to widen the definition of the word "sacred" to include more than just a religious or spiritual perspective. Tell us what you think! And come join in the spirit of Drammen Sacred!